The quality of questions journalists asked the President at Wednesday’s media encounter has dominated social media discourse.

Many are of the view that the quality of questions asked the President were below the standards required of journalists.

But one journalist, according to a media researcher and lecturer at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), Kwaku Botchwey, was outstanding amoung the lot.

“According to our scoring, the best question asked was the one on the medical drones by Bismark Brown of Atinka TV. You realise the amount of research he did and the kind of documents to back his questions. After our assessment, we realized that was the best question” he said on Adom FM’s morning show, “Dwaso Nsem” Thursday.

Bismark Brown, Atinka FM Journalist

Check out the question asked by Bismark Brown.

Merry Christmas, Mr President. Thank you, Sir. Mr President, on the 19th of the April 2015, a delegation from the ministry of health travelled to Michigan in the United States, and they were led by the director of policy, planning, monitoring and evaluation of the ministry, Dr. Afisah Zakariah.

On their return, Dr Zakariah filed this report I have in my hand. The main purpose of this trip was to visit some facilities in Michigan and also raise and solicit support for Ghana or for Ghana’s preparedness and response to Ebola.

They were hoping to galvanise support to build ten regional infectious disease centres, rebuild the central medical stores facility in Tema, replenishment of medical supplies for the distribution centre that was lost to the fire disaster, distribution of medical supplies and also familiarise themselves with some proposals and some facilities there. fact, Dr Zakariah secured the buy-in of the Michigan aerospace manufacturers association and they agreed in principle to build ten regional infectious disease centres, build and replenish a central medical store for the ministry of health, provide two ambulances for each of the ten hospitals and two helicopters.

Mr President, in that report, Dr Zakariah also indicated that the Michigan aerospace…I’m sorry if I don’t build this background my question will be very meaningless.

Mr. President, my question is this, you spoke about medical drones doing supplies. I am very much aware that on the 24th of August 2017 a group from the Michigan aerospace manufacturers association met with you, I want to understand the status of this proposal and also what is the difference between the current drone agreement we have from this very one” – Bismark Brown – Atinka TV


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