Drugs dealers are very dynamic; they are always looking for the blank side of the Security Services and the World at large to do their illegal trading.

In the early days of the “COCAINE” business in Africa, it was alleged that traditional African foodstuffs like yam, cassava, plantain, among others, were used by these “Drug dealers” to transport their commodities both within and outside their countries.

Moreover, when security personnel detected their trick they changed to materials like footwear, African wooden sculpture, electrical gadgets among others, some even went to the extreme of swallowing them (Cocaine) with food into their stomach for transportation.

Let me also add that my request for the installation of drug detected machines on these “Drones ” is not to say that the importers of Ghana’s own intend to use it for drug trade, but only drawing the attention of the International Narcotic bodies to also paid much attention to it since these dynamic drug dealers are always looking for opportunity to capitalize on.

In conclusion, with the bad effect of drugs especially “COCAINE” on Africans and the world as a whole is better we all voice out any means by which the drug dealers can operate to save our society.


Say No!! to Drugs.

Ghana is Crying!!!

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Source: Kwame Atuah Patrick writes…….


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