Sarkodie bashes brainwashed African leaders

Ghanaian rapper , Michael Owusu Addo popularly known as Sarkodie has in a series of tweets criticise the attitude of Africa and its leaders.

The award-winning artist among others argued that Africa may need to abandon Democracy and take up dictatorship as a mode of governance if the continent is to make any progress in its development.

The two-time artist of the year also wants African leaders to stop taking orders from foreign powers. “It will never be in our favour,” he said.

He argued also that, if care is not taken, the Western powers may return to dominate sectors like the music industry, controlling the revenue in that sector.

He wants Africans to work together and not allow themselves to be brainwashed from the West, something he describes as a virus. 

Read his tweets below:

“At this point, to make a change, let’s forget about theolder generation, even our generation and impact the next.

Those feelings are coming back again as always … My dream is for Africa to realize our power and care for our people … We need to take our pride back …

They broke us up so they can control … but the good news is … it’s not too late we just need to wake up.

These systems were never built for us so therefore we can’t benefit from it … The world is surviving on us but we suffer …

They were able to change our priorities and focus so they can lead but it’s wrong.

It will all be over when we find our sense of pride, our purpose, power and even ourselves but they working super hard to keep us from doing that

We all have the virus in us … so our decisions are based on individual survival and not long-term goals for our people

Detoxing the minds of the next generation is very crucial at this point …

Please note: I’m not talking as someone free from the virus … I test negative as well and I’m a patient but I want us to do the detox exercise together… Virus = (Brainwashed)

Unity is power people!!!!!!!!

Let me use music as an example: African music has been in existence for a long time but why is the world paying attention now??? Because at this point, we took things into our hands, United and invaded… wasn’t an individual.

I know years back my African Americans brothers and sisters felt embarrassed identifying themselves as Africans cos it wasn’t cool … but guess what??? It’s the new cool right … realize your power n worth.

Lemme predict what’s gonna happen: they will come in with money to buy our rights again and build their labels here … sign 90% of us and control the revenue… And our survival instincts might not help with the best decisions.

Watch were you taking your verifications from … you might b the one to give them one.

We can’t be taking orders from the oppressor… it will never be in our favour.

So, what should we do now king sark? So, your people can follow the right part that we won’t fall in their trap.

Change the mindset and think long term only in the interest of your people… short terms goals are the reason we still here Sarkodie added,

These oppressors get what may seem to favour you. Why because we believe we don’t have the capacity to get what he is offering in our own efforts.

It’s a battle with the mind only strong people will win.

What we need at this point might seem like dictatorship and will feel uncomfortable since we have enjoyed temporal freedom for a minute but we need drastic measures to survive.

We don’t feel powerful so the symbols of power (According to the oppressor) is what we strive for and not the power itself

You find power when you realize your worth

I genuinely want to see us survive … It doesn’t matter how good my life will be in this lifetime but what my future generations will have to face later …”

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