Once you conquer Ghana with your songs as a musician, it creates the room to conquer other countries, a Nigerian promoter has confirmed.

According to Yemi Baba, Ghana is the gateway country when it comes to exporting music hence many Nigerian artistes travel to Ghana for promotions because “once you blow in Ghana, you can go international”.

Speaking on the Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM on Wednesday,the promoter, revealing why Nigerians are upfront in the music industry said “Nigerians are business-minded and take every opportunity.”

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He added that, “Its explicit that if you conquer Nigeria and Ghana, it’s easy to go out to other countries. If Wizkid can conquer Nigeria, it should be enough but we are always daring and want more. It’s not that the market is porous but the fact that we want more. We don’t easily get satisfied with the little we have.”

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Asked why Nigerians don’t patronize many Nigerian songs, he simply said, “If you have money and you don’t spend it, it’s different from you don’t have and want to spend. Most Ghanaians have the talents and don’t have the money to promote likewise some A-lists artistes have the money and don’t promote. Once they hit in Accra, there are other regions that don’t even explore. They don’t have the foresight,” he explained.


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