The Member of Parliament for Bantama Constituency in the Ashanti Region, Daniel Okyem Aboagye has endorsed and commended government’s decision to introduce drones to improve healthcare delivery in Ghana.

Speaking on JoyNews’ AM show, the politician stated it was a move that needs to be supported by all Ghanaians and it is best for Ghanaians to listen to health professionals who are the best to give expert advice whether or not the service will be beneficial to Ghanaians.L

“It is good and I don’t think we should condemn but support it because it will be a complementary service to our health care”, he stated.

On the contrary Nii Lantey Vanderpuye Member of Parliament for odododiodio constituency who spoke on the same show stated there are more pressing issues government should concentrate rather than the drones.

“Sometimes I feel the government is confused. Criticizing the government is not a something the minority enjoy doing because we have the interest of Ghanaians at heart but I sometimes think the governmentis confused. As a government i think our priorities must always be set.

He also added the cost involved in the adoption must be considered before the operation of the drones in Ghana.

“It is not that Ghanaians or the minority will not be happy for the government to improve health care services but it getting our priorities right as a government and the problem of how much it will cost Ghanaians for the service to be rendered”, he noted.


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